Laken Cane - Obsidian Wings (Rune Alexander #4)

Obsidian Wings (Rune Alexander) - Laken Cane


Laken can't pump out books in this series fast enough for me. This is another great addition to the series. She did not disappoint. As usual we get to see  Shiv Crew cut down the bad guys. We meet some new characters as well as learn some things about the others.
We're not dealing with Zombies in this one, we're dealing with the Birds and Slayers. Damn those birds, I was internally screaming "don't trust the birds" ;) Rune is an imperfect character and she puts herself in situations that you know will turn out horribly, but somehow she makes it through tougher and stronger than before. You can't help but root for her. She'll do anything for her friends even if it puts her in danger. I've said it before and it bares repeating, She's a bad ass!
 Laken tied up storylines and weaved in upcoming ones flawlessly. It was another action packed, adrenaline pumping page-turner.